VanillaMynt Blast: The Sweeter Side of Myntz

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Do you find the overly-powerful breath mint to be a bit too much? Do you prefer sweet to spicy? If so, Vanillamynt Blast may be your kind of breath mint!

These mighty little sweet mints combine smooth vanilla with all natural peppermint for a strong, yet sweet bad breath remedy.

How Could a Sweet Mint Be Effective?

VanillaMynt Blast may be sweeter, but it still gets the job done when it comes to bad breath. This breath mint is made with natural peppermint and our special odor-fighting ingredient, potassium bicarbonate. So, you get a fresh, clean feeling with a sweet mint aftertaste.

If it Has Vanilla, it Must Have Sugar, Right?

Nope! VanillaMyntz are sugar-free! Instead of traditional sugar, we use sorbitol, a natural sugar found in fruits. That means no icky cavity-causing sugar particles left behind on your teeth! Plus, they are aspartame-free and also lower in calories!

But What Will My Dentist Say?

Because they promote good oral hygiene, VanillaMynt breath mints are dentist-recommended! Our sugar-free formula won't leave harmful build-up on your teeth, which reduces plaque and cavity formation. And our special ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, helps to neutralize foul odors.

...And What Are Others Saying?

I love VanillaMyntz!

"These are the best mints ever! The vanilla makes them taste more like candy, but -bonus- they are sugar-free and actually good for me :-) Everyone I give them to loves them, too." - Melissa, OR

Best Mints Ever!

"After finding Mintz at the store once, I was totally hooked. The facts that they reduce acidity and have no sugar are what sold me. I like the taste too. My grown kids are sold on them too. This is a great product!" - Bonnie, TX

Our customer reviews really do speak for themselves! Discover for yourself how great these sweet mints truly are, order online today!

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