Will VanillaMyntz Come Back?

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Will VanillaMyntz Return to

For the past several weeks, some people have noticed VanillaMyntz are now absent from the shop. Those who frequently enjoyed these mints will also know this isn’t the first time they went away. This trend is leading some to wonder if this delicious vanilla flavor will come back at all.

From everyone at Myntz, we would like to apologize. We understand how seeing a favorite flavor come and go can lead to confusion and frustration. The unique taste of VanillaMyntz can’t be replaced, and we are also disappointed to see the unique taste of VanillaMyntz go for now.

As always, the Myntz team is working hard to continue providing our supporters with the flavors they love. This includes VanillaMyntz. As we have done in the past, we are working on a way for this beloved flavor to return.

Unfortunately, VanillaMyntz will remain discontinued for the foreseeable future. Although there are no concrete plans, we ask those who love our Mynt flavors to stay optimistic. Now more than ever, we are here to listen to our supporters, make necessary changes, and develop suitable companions to our classic WinterMynt flavor.

We want to thank the people who have supported us this far. Thanks to the mint lovers of the world, we can continue doing what we love. Although VanillaMyntz are gone for now, we are looking forward and plan to find new ways to treat you to eye-opening flavor and fresh breath.

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