Lemon Ginger - 6 pack

  • Made with a plant-based sweetener
  • Sugar-free breath mints
  • New Non-GMO formula
  • New Flavor
  • Total net weight: 10.5 ounces (1.75 ounces per tin)

Introducing our refreshing and invigorating Lemon Ginger Breath Mints – the perfect solution for freshening your breath while enjoying a delightful burst of flavor.

With a tangy lemon twist, our breath mints deliver a zesty and citrusy burst of flavor that instantly awakens your senses. The bright notes of lemon create a refreshing taste that lingers on your palate. Complementing the lemony freshness is a fiery ginger zing, adding a warm kick to the overall flavor profile. Ginger's invigorating properties make it the perfect companion to the refreshing lemon taste

Our mints aren't just for freshening breath! The delightful combination of lemon and ginger makes them a versatile treat. Enjoy them after meals to cleanse your palate, during travel for a refreshing pick-me-up, or whenever you desire a burst of invigorating flavor. Slip a pack into your purse, pocket, or bag, and have a mint handy whenever you need an instant breath refresher. Whether you're heading to a meeting, going on a date, or simply want to feel confident in social settings, our Lemon Ginger breath mints have got you covered.