Are Mints Candy?

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Should Mints Be Considered Candy?

Even for those who enjoy mints frequently, classifying what a mint is and isn’t can be challenging. We often have mints to freshen our breath after meals or before social gatherings. Even though mints can taste as delicious as candy, there are a few reasons why they belong to their own food variety.

Traditional mints with red spirals are commonly associated with all mints, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Mints evolved and moved away from sweet and indulgent flavors and towards an emphasis on its peppermint roots.

As the mint recipes began to change, so did people’s thoughts and feelings towards mints. Instead of treating mints like desserts or treats, many choose to enjoy sugar-free mints for their health benefits.

Mints can cure bad breath, cure upset stomachs, and serve as a natural muscle relaxant. All mints with natural peppermint can lead to these benefits, but traditional mints compromise fresh breath with added sugar.

The Myntz! formula is made sugar-free with odor-fighting ingredients to give the freshest taste possible. Our mints may have a great taste, but the taste, formula, and appeal of these mints differ too significantly to be considered candy.

Instead, our mints can be considered their own kind of food product. A peppermint-infused tablet with its primary purpose to freshen breath. Since the day Myntz! got its start in 1996, we have maintained our commitment to provide an orally hygienic bad breath solution.

WinterMynt Blast is the staple flavor of Myntz! and serves as a perfect example of our powerful formula. The brisk flavor uses natural peppermint and a special odor-fighting ingredient to reduce cavity-causing mouth bacteria. To experience the difference between hard candy and mints, try our WinterMynt flavor and enjoy our unique mint formula.

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