Are Myntz! Keto friendly?

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Can People Enjoy Mints on a Ketogenic Diet?

People who follow a ketogenic or keto diet try to avoid carbs to lose weight or stay healthy. The diet is named after ketosis, a state the body enters when it stops burning carbohydrates and instead burns fat. It is important not to consume carbohydrates to maintain ketosis, so even something as small as a mint can be impactful.

Mints have carbohydrates, which work against the ketogenic diet. The amount of carbohydrates depends on the ingredients used. Sugar-free mints generally have fewer carbohydrates, and ones with sugar have more.

Usually, ketogenic diets do not try to cut out carbohydrates entirely. Instead, most individuals who follow the keto diet will have a limited amount of carbohydrates to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Mints can be keto-friendly, as long as a person is careful about which ones to enjoy. Low carbohydrate mints can be very helpful with dealing with halitosis caused by the bodily acids created during ketosis. In addition, enjoying mints can keep a person’s breath fresh and teeth clean.

Compared to others, Myntz are possibly the friendliest mints for people on ketogenic diets. This is because each mint tablet has no sugar, odor-fighting ingredients, and only a single gram of carbohydrates. It is this powerful and orally-hygienic formula that makes people feel at ease.

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