The Strongest Breath Mints to Cover Bad Breath

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What Makes Myntz So Powerful?

Halitosis is as bad as it sounds. Unfortunately, this is the accepted word in the medical world for bad breath and is a significant problem. Not only can bad breath feel embarrassing, but it may also be a sign of poor oral hygiene and a build-up of bacteria on the teeth. To properly eliminate halitosis, a breath mint needs to both freshen breath in the short term and prevent halitosis in the long term.

Myntz began from a need of a mint focused on improving oral hygiene. So often, men and women do not realize the mints they enjoy can harm their teeth. Sugary breath mints attract bacteria, creating cavity-causing acids after feasting on the sugar particles in the teeth.

Mouth bacteria also thrive when someone’s mouth becomes dry, and saliva can’t flush the bacteria out. For example, smokers often have halitosis due to the dryness of their mouth after a cigarette or cigar. Drinking alcohol also prevents the body from producing its usual saliva amount and creates the ideal location for bacteria.

Through years of meticulous work, our Myntz formula can treat all kinds of bad breath. The Myntz formula is so effective due to a special ingredient called potassium bicarbonate. This ingredient neutralizes bacteria and the odor-causing acids they cause. Enjoying our mints also increases saliva production to prevent more bacteria from returning.

It isn’t important whether halitosis comes from smoking, drinking, or poor brushing because the cause is always tied to a person’s mouth bacteria. If these people tried enjoying sugary mints instead, the sugar-residue left behind in their teeth would attract more bacteria and cause worse bad breath in the long term.

Myntz doesn’t simply mask bad breath with its peppermint flavor. Instead, it stops bad breath immediately, then prevents its returning for hours upon hours. This is why Myntz are the most potent mints to cover bad breath.

For those interested in feeling the difference, we invite you to try our WinterMynt flavor. This mint is made with oral hygiene in mind and is created using a sugar-free formula and natural peppermint. So feel refreshed with brisk peppermint flavor and never worry about bad breath again.

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