Why Mints Make Your Breath Feel Cool

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Why Do Myntz Taste Cold?

During record high temperatures, now is the most crucial time to cool off and feel comfortable. Those fortunate enough to have tried Myntz before may wonder why there is a lingering coolness in their mouth after they finished their mint. The secret lies in the Myntz formula and is the perfect way to stay cool during the summer season.

Our WinterMynt flavor gives a minty fresh taste and smell, but it isn’t due to its flavor. The fresh and cool sensation you feel after enjoying a mint comes from the peppermint itself. Unlike other mints, our mints are made with natural peppermint.

Mint plants contain a type of protein that stimulates senses and tricks the mind into thinking it just ate something cold. The process also makes people sensitive to the cold. If you have ever had a glass of water after enjoying a mint, you would know how cold this can feel.

Despite feeling cold, the mints themselves are kept at room temperature. This unique feature to mints can be handy on the go when you begin to feel hot. Mints can stimulate the same cold sensation as eating ice cream without needing to refrigerate a thing.

Alongside its cooling qualities, natural peppermint also has several other important benefits. Peppermint is a muscle relaxant to help you feel more relaxed. Peppermint can also assist with easing upset stomachs and dry mouth as well.

For a cool sensation over the hot summer season, WinterMyntz is the perfect bad breath solution. These mints are made with a sugar-free formula and unique odor-fighting ingredients to stop bad breath quickly and effectively.

During hot temperatures, this cool icy flavor is our preferred way to cool off.  Try a tin and experience the difference it can make.

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