How To Throw A Fabulous Awards Show Party

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Lights, camera, PARTY!

Read on for tips on how to host a Hollywood-themed awards show party.


I’m going to assume that you know how to reach your friends. Text, Facebook, Twitter, email, you get the gist. You have options. You do you and get the word out. If you want to be fancy, get printed invitations and mail them out. Because Everyone. Loves. Getting. Mail.


Chocolate. It’s practically its own food group. Or it should be. You are going to want a lot of it. This will require many bowls. M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, fun-sized candy bars...or you could splurge and go gourmet with Dilettante Chocolates Peppermint TruffleCremes.

Popcorn. The movie snack of choice. Take things up a notch by making a popcorn bar. Give your guests a choice of drizzling hot sauce or a dash of white cheddar cheese powder and whatever else you can think of to dress up plain, boring air-popped popcorn. Looking for something a little more low-maintenance? Fix a batch of honey buttered popcorn.

Cookies. Fancify ordinary drop bake sugar cookies by springing for a cookie cutter in the shape of stars and spreading on a thick layer of gold and silver icing.


Champagne. You are going to want to have some bubbly. Enough said.

Chocolate martinis. Delight your guests by serving them a drink fit for the silver screen. Chocolate and vodka. Chocolate and vodka. Chocolate and vodka. Trust us when we say you’ll want to shake and repeat this recipe over and over again - Classic Ephemere® Martini Recipe.


Red carpet. Head to your nearest fabric store and select a few yards of a bedazzling red cloth. Lay the material down near your front door so that your guests can feel like the superstars that they are as they enter your home.

Stars. No party celebrating the glitz and glam that is Hollywood would be complete without stars. Picture gold and silver stars made of paper dangling from your ceiling. If you’re feeling crafty, download our printable star cut outs and use them to create a stellar atmosphere. Download Small Star | Download Big Star

More stars. Take the big star downloadable cut out and make your own Hollywood Walk of Fame in your kitchen or wherever you have hard floors. Add the names of your friends who helped you pull the party together. Or just write Nicolas Cage on every single one. We know. You can never have enough Nicolas Cage.

Photo booth. Hang a drop cloth against a wall. Pick a solid color like black. Make sure it’s tall enough and wide enough for more than two friends to pack themselves into a pic. 8 ft x 6 ft might be a good starting point, but you’ll also need to determine the size of your booth based on its location in your home. Which leads me to...find a place in your home that is well lit, because the brighter the location the better your pics will turn out. If you’ve got a tripod, set it out so people can swap their cameras and phones into the mount.

Award show ballots. Set out ballots and pens so your guests can vote on who they think will win i.e., Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Actor. Give a prize to the person who gets the most correct.

Party favors. Send your guests home in style by having goodie bags available for grabbing on the way out. They are the perfect way to say ‘thank you for coming.’ Include chocolate, Myntz! and a toy shamrock or some other party favor that hints at what the next themed party you are going to throw might be!

Whewsh! That’s a lot. Respect to the professional party planners.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below everything else an award-winning party needs to have.

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