WinterMynt Blast: Mints that Pack a Punch!

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If you're looking for an effective breath mint with a strong peppermint flavor, look no more! Wintermynt Blast Peppermint Mints are surprisingly potent and will cure your bad breath in no time flat.

These powerful peppermint mints are made with a generous amount of natural peppermint extract that gives each tasty mint just the right amount of eye-opening flavor. Myntz Peppermint Breath Mints are the perfect solution for bad breath. Our special formula neutralizes foul odors, leaving you with nothing but a minty-fresh mouth that tastes like a candy cane. And who doesn't love candy canes?

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These strong peppermints really pack a punch of delicious minty flavor. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding - So, check out what these minty-mouthed customers had to say:

"My husband and I are addicted to these mints. We probably eat a whole tin per week. We can't stop eating them. They have just the right amount of mint flavor and no weird after-taste. Very refreshing." - T.T., Los Angeles, CA
"Myntz are super crunchy, which I love, and have an extreme flavor. Most mints are too sugary and not intensely minty enough for my taste. They are one of the few things I am never with out - as important to me as having my cell phone. Hooray for Myntz!" - Jessi, Boston, MA

Bad breath has met its match at last with Wintermynt Blast mints - the curiously spelled peppermint breath mints!


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