Spread The Merri-Myntz! This Holiday Season

  • 2 min read

What is it about breath mints that makes them so shareable?

Here’s an example. You’re driving in the car with your friends to a concert. As you circle the parking lot looking for a spot to park you casually reach into your jacket and pull out your tin of Wintermynt Blast.

The minute you pop open the top it feels like time stands still. Everyone goes quiet. All attention is on your next move. Every eye in the car is trying hard not to look at you and your delicious Myntz!, but the icy-cool wintermint scent has just hit everyone’s noses and is making that harder and harder.

You quickly break the tension by asking, “Would anyone like a Wintermynt Blast breath mint?”

It’s pretty remarkable how the simple act of sharing mints with your friends can feel so good.

Plus, we make sharing even easier by packaging our sugar free breath mints in convenient, re-usable tins. That means no more worrying about single-serving, clear plastic wrappers filling your coat pockets or spilling out of your purse the next time you reach for your wallet.

Forget carefully peeling back layers of paper with the hopes that you don’t have to to find someplace to stash that trash. Just pop open your tin, grab a mint or two, snap it closed and you’re good to go.

This holiday season we here at Myntz! hope you get to experience all the joys of gift receiving and giving. The power to make someone else happy is truly an incredible gift. Some might even say it’s magical.

If you’re looking for a gift to give this holiday season, our Wintermynt Blast and Vanillamynt Blast make great stocking stuffers.

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