Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

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Welcome the Spookiest Time of the Year

October is most known as a spooky season, filled with fun and eccentric festivities. Out of all holidays, Halloween proves itself to be one of the strangest. Children dress up in costumes and walk house to house receiving candy, families carve pumpkins, and adults host costume parties and decorate their homes in cobwebs and faux skeletons.

Instead of bringing a sense of togetherness and appreciation like Thanksgiving or New Year’s, a large part of Halloween revolves around scaring other people. The holiday itself is so different than the others, there is a certain amount of mystery why it’s still celebrated at all.

According to, the origins of Halloween can be traced back to several different places. Halloween is believed to be related to the Celtic festival of Samhain, where it was believed spirits of the deceased would return to the earth. These spirits were greeted by the Celts with offerings of food and a large bonfire.

Two thousand years later, nearly everything has changed from the ancient Celtic tradition. Now called Halloween, the holiday has been shaped by several cultures. Modern icons like witches, zombies, and ghosts have become Halloween Staples. Instead of burning effigies out of respect for the dead, the holiday has evolved into a more entertaining and loose celebration of a time-honored tradition.

For those living in Canada or the United States, many fond childhood memories are tied to this strange and bizarre holiday. Whether it is from watching a scary movie with friends, visiting a special pumpkin patch each year, or coming home with a bag full of candy, there are many special moments to be had.

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