Five Reasons to Keep Myntz! On Hand

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Why You Should Have Mints On Hand

For those who don’t eat many mints, finding the pocket or bag real estate for a tin can be hard to find. Often, we have space for our cellphones and wallets, but a tin of mints could be just as important. Here are five reasons to always have mints on hand.

1. Our Breath is Going to Smell at Some Point

Everyone needs to eat. Unfortunately, bacteria also love eating, and their favorite food is tiny particles left in our teeth. Some mints may make this problem worse, especially ones with sugar. Thankfully, Myntz! uses an odor-killing formula to reduce acid levels in the mouth to stop bad breath at the source.

2. People Notice

Unfortunately, while we all get bad breath, it is something those around us can pick up on very quickly. Each year, we meet thousands of new people, and we want to make good impressions as often as possible.

While people notice if someone has bad breath, people notice the fresh breath as well. Clean breath is a good practice in oral hygiene in itself, but since it’s uncommon for people to go out of their way to improve their breath, using mints regularly will make a person stand out.

3. Delicious Taste

We all have moments where we ask ourselves if we’re hungry or just craving something that tastes good. Having mints around allows us to enjoy a cool and sweet taste without any additional calories, sugars, or fats. This is especially helpful when changing diet plans to fill in gaps between meals or to make up for a lack of sweet foods.

4. Mints Are Discrete and Simple

While some may prefer to chew on gum, it isn’t always socially acceptable to do so. Some people may find gum and the noise it makes in your mouth distracting. Other solutions for fresh breath such as brushing teeth may not always be practical when you’re out and moving around.

Mints have the advantage of being simple and hardly noticeable. Open the tin, pop one in, and continue with your day talking and enjoying the peppermint flavor at the same time.

5. You’ll Never Go Back

Myntz! has endured for so many years because the people who support us love what our mints offer. It’s more than the delicious taste and fresh-smelling breath, it’s about the feeling you get after enjoying a WinterMynt or VanillaMynt. The best reason to keep Myntz! on hand is because you want to keep them on hand.

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