When You Get Offered A Mint

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A Kind Favor? Or A Call To Fix Bad Breath?

It’s not every day that someone offers a mint, but when they do, it’s hard to know what their intentions are. On one hand, they could be doing you a kind favor and sharing a mint. On the other, they could be trying to point out that you have bad breath.

It’s impossible to know for sure, but context means everything in this scenario. Think about what you ate during the day, whether your friend had a mint themselves before offering one to you, and also how many people offered you a mint in the last few weeks.

Some red flags might start to show up and you may feel embarrassed, but there isn’t any need to worry. First, the mint could simply be a tasty treat and not a call to have better oral hygiene. After all, it is polite to offer someone a mint when you have one yourself. While context is important, it is equally important not to overthink small gestures.

Even if you do have bad breath, it’s okay. The fact a friend understands and is sensitive to your feelings shows they genuinely care about you. After all, they could have just as easily told you outright you have bad breath, and that would be far more offensive. Offering a mint is a far more subtle way to approach the whole situation. The best part? You get to enjoy a delicious mint!

Not only is your breath fresh and clean, but now you know sharing mints is something you can now be comfortable doing. Pick up some mints of your own and whether the people around you have bad breath or not, you can be the one to share delicious peppermint flavor with everyone.

While some people may start to feel offended, after tasting a delicious WinterMynt or VanillaMynt flavor, they are going to be thanking you. For the best-tasting bad breath solution, you’re already in the right place. Find your favorite mint flavor and begin sharing today.

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