Bad Breath Causes: The Smelly Truth

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If you're reading this you may have already experienced the breath freshening goodness of Myntz Breathmints. (If you haven't, what's the hold-up?! Wink-wink.) Just one little WinterMynt Blast breath mint is all it takes to obliterate stinky odors and gross aftertastes from your mouth.

Yes, bad breath is one of those things that everyone must deal with from time to time. We know the ways to get rid of it - brushing, flossing, chewing gum or popping a mint. But it really does beg the question, "Where's that smell coming from?"

Bad breath, a.k.a. halitosis, has many causes. While certain types of foods, drinks and tobacco contribute to not-so-desirable breath, the usual suspect is bacteria build-up inside of the mouth.

When we eat, food particles get left behind in our mouths, sticking to our teeth, gums and tongue. If these particles are not cleaned away through proper oral care like brushing and flossing, they present a delicious meal for hungry bacteria. The bacteria devour the bits of leftover foods and begin to give off foul-smelling acids. These smelly acids are the direct cause of bad breath.

But do not fret! Whatever the source of your bad breath - a salad heavy on the onions, that robust maduro cigar or being far from your toothbrush - Myntz Breathmints are here to help. Our specially formulated breath mints contain Potassium Bicarbonate, a powerful ingredient that helps to reduce acid levels and neutralize odor. Plus, our sugar free formula won't leave behind food particles that attract extra bacteria!

It's true, bad breath is a stinker, but you don't have to suffer it any longer. When you can't brush those chompers, simply keep a supply of Myntz on hand and you'll be minty fresh the whole day through!

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