Sugar Free Breath Mints: What's the Big Deal?

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I'm sure you've heard all the hullabaloo about sugar free this and sugar free that. Everywhere you look companies are boasting the fact that their products do not contain sugar. So, what's the big deal? What makes Myntz sugar free breath mints so special?

Let's break it down real simple here. There are many different types of sugars that come from different sources (think cane sugar versus sugar found naturally in fruits). All sugars are carbohydrates which are best when consumed in moderation. Too many sugary carbs in your diet could put you at risk for tooth decay, obesity and even diabetes. All of this to say that sugar, while a tasty addition to many a food, is a dietary item that really does need consideration. Too much of the crystallized sweetness and you could be in for trouble.

With all the focus on limiting sugar intake, it makes sense to only have extra sugar when it really counts. Like indulging in a hot fudge sundae once in a while or treating yourself to a warm, flaky chocolate croissant and a cup o' joe. You don't want to waste those precious calories on a breath mint!

With Myntz, you don't have to worry about adding excess calories to your diet. There's only 2 grams of carbs per serving of our powerful little mints! That's because the sweetness of Myntz Breathmints comes from sorbitol, not traditional sugar. Sorbitol is a natural sugar substitute that can be found in many fruits. It's sweet and tasty without the extra calories of sugar.

Not only did we choose sorbitol because of it's low-calorie properties, it also reduces plaque build-up, therefore promoting healthy oral hygiene.

When you eat a sugary mint to help with your fresh breath, tiny sugar particles cling to your teeth. These left-behind sugar pieces attract the nasty bacteria that form plaque and eat away at your beautiful pearly whites, causing cavities. These same bacteria are also the bad breath culprits. They give off the foul odors that made you need the breath mint in the first place! Sorbitol doesn't have the excess sugar that causes the plaque and bad breath compounding effect!

So next time you reach for a sugary mint to help freshen your breath, take a second to reconsider. Or, better yet, just go out and buy some Myntz so you'll always be certain your breath mint is the best it can be!


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