3 Foods That Fight Bad Breath

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Here at Myntz! we are on a never ending quest to banish bad breath.

Fortunately, we have a handful of foods that are here to help us on our journey. The next time you don’t have a toothbrush handy and are looking to quickly freshen your breath, grab one of these...


Drink a glass of water. One of the keys to having fresh breath actually involves preventing a dry mouth. Maybe it was your late night session at the gym that left you dehydrated or that dose of allergy medication you took over lunch that is causing you to feel a bit parched. Water boosts your saliva secretion, which in turn helps keep the harmful bacteria that causes bad breath at bay. So drink up!


Eat an apple. Chewing on an apple can help clean your teeth by minimizing the amount of leftover food bits that get wedged in-between your teeth. When the food sticks around too long it starts to attract and grow bacteria that makes your mouth stinky.

“Apples have been shown to be one of the best foods for breaking down odorous compounds, thanks to their polyphenols,” says Abbey Sharp, R.D., and blogger at Abbey’s Kitchen. “They are also one of the best foods for collecting anything stuck in your teeth that may collect bacteria.”

Sugar-free Mints

Grab a mint.Just make sure it doesn’t contain sugar. Sugar residue in your mouth leads to bacteria growth - and as we’ve already noted, its the bacteria that is the bad breath culprit. Sugar-free breath mints, like WinterMynt Blast and VanillaMynt Blast, increase salivary flow and help eliminate bad breath.

Undoubtedly there are certain foods that will leave you with less than pleasant breath (you can see our top 5 list in an earlier post). But the main culprit of bad breath usually isn’t the food, but the tiny particles left over in your mouth where bacteria grow. In the battle for fresh breath, keep your trusty tin of Myntz! at the ready and live to fight bad breath another day.

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