13 Horror Movie Cliches We Love To Hate

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October and horror movies. They go together like scary scenes with mirrors and bathrooms. You just can’t have one without the other.

This month, as you curl up on the couch, turn the lights off and munch away on some popcorn with your best pals be on the lookout for these classic horror movie cliches.

  1. Cabins in the woods
  2. Entering abandoned homes
  3. Locations with no cell phone signal
  4. Scary dolls
  5. Running in the woods at night
  6. Picking up hitchhikers
  7. Creepy clowns
  8. Cars that won't start
  9. Cemeteries
  10. Ineffectual footwear
  11. Spooky attics and basements
  12. Walls covered with bizarre formulas and scratches
  13. Sketchy gas stations in the middle of nowhere

If you are watching a horror movie at a friend’s place and don’t say over, just to be safe...make sure you check the backseat before you drive home.

Have a spooktacular October!

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