Get Rid of Mask Mouth with Myntz!

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Get Rid of Mask Mouth

Mask mouth. These two words are fine on their own, but when put together, mask mouth dredge up thoughts of horrible breath and receding gumlines. Wearing masks is necessary to stop the coronavirus and important to stay healthy, but the frequent use of a mask can lead to unexpected dental health consequences. (Not to mention breath so bad it could move through walls like a ghost.)

The whole situation is a catch-22. You wear the mask because you don’t want to be sick, but others around you start thinking you don’t have good hygiene. You feel trapped, hopeless even. You fall to your knees and cry out, “How can I live in a world where I’m stuck between being healthy and free of bad breath!?”

Lucky for you, I have just the perfect solution. There is a way to keep fresh and clean breath while still wearing a mask. A special, fast-working powerful solution with eye-opening flavor to make you feel invigorated. If you think this has something to do Myntz! Breathmints, you might be right.

Myntz! Breathmints are made to kill bad breath. Created with all-natural ingredients to remove unneeded mouth odors. Myntz! harnessed the power of science to find a special odor-fighting weapon: potassium bicarbonate. This compound eliminates bacteria and the acids they form to neutralize bad breath. Myntz! Also is made sugar free to stop bacteria from coming into your mouth later on. That’s why Myntz! Is even recommended by dentists.

Wearing a mask all day might make you self-conscious about your breath, but you don’t have to live like that. Having clean, fresh-smelling breath isn’t just for the people around you, it’s also for yourself. When you’re not trying to hide your breath away from the world, you feel more confident. Yes, you should wear a mask when you’re around other people, but you aren’t helpless against bad breath. Pick your flavor, WinterMynt, or VanillaMynt and get rid of that mask mouth already!

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