The Best Breath Mint: WinterMynt or VanillaMynt?

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A Sugar-Free Solution

Starting from a dental-checkup gone awry in 1996, the founder of Myntz! realized the sugary breath mints he used accelerated his toothy decay. Ironically, he tried to freshen his breath but the sugar leftover from the mints attracted bacteria and ended up making it worse.

Taking it upon himself for a better solution, Myntz! was created. Using a special sugar-free mint formula, Myntz! not only taste amazing but also keep your teeth clean and your mouth fresh.

The Winter and Vanilla Mynt

One quick search online shows Myntz! are loved by many. The WinterMynt Blast flavor has over two-hundred reviews from Amazon and the Myntz! Website combined. Some choose to buy the six-pack of WinterMynt Blast for gifts, others use them for the entire year.

On the surface, it looks like WinterMynt is the clear favorite. But upon further review, there is another contender for the world’s best breath mint.

Pam from Concord, NC in her review, “WinterMynt Blast is refreshing but missing my usual order of VanillaMynt!”

Back in the year 2019, the VanillaMynt flavor became unavailable for several months, to the dismay of mint fans everywhere. Most people who enjoyed VanillaMynt tried WinterMynt. The conversion was easy for some, but for others, they still longed for their sweet VanillaMynt flavor.

Then, just when people believed it to have disappeared forever, VanillaMynt Blast returned. Now, the connoisseurs of great-tasting, sugar-free mints found themselves in a dilemma. Stuck between two great flavors of mints, they had to make a choice.

So, What Is the Best Mint?

Both mints share the same oral hygiene benefits. The main difference is the taste of each flavor. The classic WinterMynt is refreshing and minty while the VanillaMynt is sweet and comes with vanilla zest.

The stronger, brisker flavor of WinterMynt is the choice of those who want to feel refreshed and reinvigorated. They are a pick-me-up kind of mint that can clear sinuses, calm upset stomachs, and give a mouth a minty taste and smell for the rest of the day.

While it may not be as minty, it’s important to note VanillaMynt still has natural peppermint flavor. As the name implies, the sweet touch of vanilla is what makes this flavor unique. VanillaMynt is a sweeter type of mint, easy to enjoy, and the perfect solution to satisfy sugary cravings without having any sugar at all.

What is the best breath mint? As with most things, it all depends on the person and what they value in their breath mint. The reviews and opinions of the two mints vary greatly depending on who is being asked. Ultimately, you have to decide which mint is the best: WinterMynt or VanillaMynt?

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