Our Maiden Blog Post!

  • 1 min read

Hello from everyone at Myntz! We are so excited to kick off our blogging voyage that we made a cool Myntz graphic just for the occasion! And there it is, right in this post!

Ok, we'll calm down with the exclamation points, but just for now...

We hope that you, our fans and customers, will use this blog as a way to find out more about what our mighty little mints have to offer. This new endeavor poses an exciting opportunity for us and you. We get to share product tips, special offers, product news and anything else that comes along in the world of Myntz. And you get to reap the reward of enjoying each tasty post!

Got something on your mind? We welcome your input and interaction! Leave some comments. Send us an email. Give us a call. May this blog serve as an open platform for Myntz discussion!

We look forward to sharing a glimpse of our Myntz community with you. Here's to a new journey in the cyber blogging world. And don't forget to eat some Myntz!

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