Myntz Breathmints, Where it All Began

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The year was 1996. The place was a dentist's office. Myntz Breathmints' company founder casually strolled in for his routine check-up, unaware of the bad news he was about to encounter. His mouth was full of cavities!

After some careful discussion, the dentist helped him figure out that the sugary mints he'd been munching on throughout the day were to blame!

We've all been in a situation where we have less than perfect smelling breath. Maybe you devoured a Greek salad or gulped a cup o' joe or smoked a cigarette. Whatever the reason, your breath could really use a little freshening up. So, you reach for a breath mint to solve the problem. What you may not realize is that the sugar found in that mint will only compound the problem, making it worse! That's precisely what inspired the creation of Myntz!

The creator of Myntz was trying to mask his bad breath by eating a sugar-laden mint, unknowing of the chain of events that was about to occur within his mouth.

That mint left behind sugar debris that clung to his teeth, gums and tongue. Sugar is a favorite meal of cavity-forming, odor-emitting bacteria. They eat it up and multiply, spreading throughout the mouth. More bad bacteria means more foul mouth odor AND more risk of tooth decay! Our dear founder was essentially fighting a losing battle. Not only was he causing his bad breath to eventually worsen, he was also putting his precious pearly whites in danger!

So, if sugary mints cause increased bad breath and even tooth decay, what should be done? Enter great idea: Let's make SUGAR FREE breath mints!

And there you have it. That's how Myntz came to be. A little bad news, a little revelation and education, and voilà! The idea for a sugar free, delicious breath mint was born.

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