Why Sugar-Free Breath Mints Make a Difference

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Delicious Mint Flavor Made Free of Sugar

We’ve all heard sugar is bad for us at some point in our lives, but we still go about our day eating it. Despite all the readily-available health information that is out there, sugar seems to hold power over all of us.

Myntz! acknowledges there are good reasons people enjoy sugar so much. There was a time in history when sugar wasn’t easily available to people. To receive a rush of energy men and women needed to find naturally-occurring honey or fruit.

Now, sugar is readily available everywhere. Sugary drinks, desserts, barbecue sauce, pancakes, frozen meals, spaghetti, and countless other foods contribute to a growing sugar problem. Even if we want to avoid sugar, it’s so deeply incorporated into our daily lives, it’s far more difficult than we might think.

To make a sugar-free breath mint that can survive in a sugary-mint world, Myntz! needed to use the best mint-making methods to create something truly special. Powered by a natural sugar substitute and a wonderfully minty taste, both VanillaMynt Blast! and WinterMynt Blast! stand up to any other mints in terms of pure flavor.

We don’t stop there though, Myntz! is also made with a special odor-fighting ingredient. This ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, neutralizes the mouth odor for the bacteria in your mouth, bacteria that ironically may be caused by eating sugary foods.

Other sugary mints may compound the problem of bad breath. While your breath may stay minty fresh at first using a sugary mint, eventually it will lead to more bad breath problems.

Ultimately this is the biggest difference between sugar and sugar-free breath mints. While there isn’t enough sugar in one mint to cause any real damage, eating sugary mints consistently will eventually lead to worse health outcomes.

For a great-tasting mint that will treat you and your mouth right, try out Myntz! during this fall season.

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