Mints for the Holiday Season

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Goodbye October, Hello November

Tomorrow marks the 31st of October and the spookiest holiday out of the year, Halloween. We hope you enjoy all the spooky festivities Halloween has to offer but more than that, we hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday season as well.

That’s right, November begins the day after Halloween and you know what that means, it’s the start of the holiday season. After putting up decorations for Thanksgiving, we have to take them down almost immediately to set up for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Las Posadas, or any other kind of holiday you celebrate.

If you are someone who has tried Myntz! in the past, you probably know we like the holidays. WinterMynt has been the oldest and most tested mint we have. The mint is named after the brisk and refreshing feeling people get after they take a deep breath on a snowy winter morning.

Although these mints are available year-round Wintermynt Blast! is especially fitting in the cooler months of November and December. The natural peppermint in each mint can help clear sinuses and the mint flavor and dredge up memories of eating a candy cane next to a fireplace. Except this candy cane doesn’t get your face sticky and is sugar-free to keep your mouth healthy.

You can buy WinterMynt right now in packs of three to start giving to all of your friends, but before you do that, there is another mint you may want to consider this season. VanillaMynt Blast! is a newer, but revered mint. The sweet minty flavor is excellent for giving a sweet touch after eating something savory. These mints are especially enjoyable after sipping on a warm hot chocolate or to fresh breath after a large Thanksgiving meal.

No matter which mint you prefer, either choice wonderfully suits the holiday season. We are looking forward to the upcoming months and we hope you are too, hopefully, it can be even better with some Myntz!

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