Why VanillaMyntz Are Loved

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Delicious Vanilla Flavor & Fresh Peppermint

Only a few minutes searching through the Myntz! website or Facebook page is all it takes to see the love for VanillaMyntz. This sweet flavored mint has endured throughout the years due to its delicious taste and ability to freshen breath like no other mint.

The great flavor comes from luscious vanilla flavor combined with natural peppermint. Where other mints taste bitter, the sweet taste combined with the lingering coolness from the peppermint makes for a tremendously satisfying mint.

Despite the sweet flavor, like all Myntz! Breathmints, VanillaMynt is made completely sugar-free. This is important since mints made with sugar can leave behind a residue in the teeth which attracts bacteria. These bacteria can give off foul odors and create tooth-decaying acids, which can gradually break down tooth enamel.

Despite these problems, some people still choose to take sugary mints because they think the taste is better. With VanillaMyntz, you don’t need to compromise your oral hygiene for flavor. Myntz! are recommended by dentists because of their sugar-free formula and their special odor-fighting ingredient, potassium bicarbonate.

This ingredient absorbs and eliminates the same bacteria that sugary mints attract. Not only are VanillaMyntz stopping bacteria from coming in, but they help to neutralize the mouth odors present. This formula actively makes your mouth healthier while also freshening breath.

VanillaMyntz comes in a 5-ounce pouch, with over two-hundred mints inside. These are great for traveling or sharing with others any time someone needs a rush of sweet and fresh flavor.

Being able to fully experience the taste and feel of VanillaMyntz gives is the best way to find out why these mints are so loved. Shop VanillaMyntz and at the checkout, use the coupon code: VanillaMyntz to save 10% on an order of VanillaMynt Blast.

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