Last Chance to Give Myntz! This Holiday Season!

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The holiday season is an important and special time of year. After a long year, it is always nice to give thanks to the people in our lives who we appreciate the most. This often means spending more time with loved ones and enjoying each other’s company but offering gifts is always a nice gesture.

This season, give a gift that everyone can appreciate, delicious mints from Myntz! Breathmints. More than just simple stocking-stuffers, Myntz! are the most powerful and delicious bad breath solution imaginable. No matter the holiday or person, everyone can appreciate what we have to offer.

All mints are made to make breath smell better, but Myntz! takes it further. Our mints are made sugar-free, include potassium bicarbonate to fight mouth odor, and pack delicious taste. It is our commitment to make the best, orally-hygienic breath mints we possibly can. Because of our high standards, our mints are even recommended by dentists.

Myntz! are available in two flavors, a brisk WinterMynt flavor, and a sweet VanillaMynt flavor. To give several gifts, WinterMyntz come in packs of six tins for an easy way to always have delicious flavor close by. VanillaMyntz are available in larger, 5-ounce pouches, perfect for someone who enjoys traveling.

Both are made with natural peppermint to give fresh-smelling breath. The choice between the two will ultimately come down to a person’s preference in taste.

Don’t overthink giving mints for the holidays! You aren’t trying to tell someone they have bad breath; you’re giving them a delicious flavor of mint they are sure to love. 

To receive Myntz! before Christmas, you only have until 11 a.m. on the 15th of December to place your order. Now is the perfect time to delight friends and family with the incredible taste of Myntz! Breathmints. Shop a favorite flavor and be ready to surprise loved ones during this holiday season.

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