Five Reasons Why Mints Are Better Than Gum

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Five Reasons Why Mints Are Better Than Gum

The discussion of whether to enjoy mints or gum has gone on for some time. Both gum and mints try to offer great taste while freshening breath. While some enjoy the ease and convenience of mints, others choose the soft texture of chewing gum.

While some will always enjoy gum, Myntz! has a few reasons why sugar-free breath mints surpass even the most effective gum for freshening breath. Here is our list of five reasons why mints are better than gum:

1. No Mouth Soreness

To get the flavor out of the gum, people need to chew it. After a while of chewing, your mouth muscles can begin to feel sore until your next meal. This is the reason why people may only have one piece of gum during the day instead of at the end of each meal.

Mints can be easily put into your mouth and passively be enjoyed without any muscle fatigue. Someone could chew the same piece of gum for up to twenty minutes while enjoying a tablet of Myntz! is only six to seven minutes. Not only do mints not require you to chew them, but they also dissolve in your mouth faster to eat, drink, or talk easier.

2. Social Politeness

We’ve all experienced the sound of someone chewing gum with their mouth open. The loud, smacking noise can be distracting for people unfortunate enough to hear it. Even with the mouth closed, it can still be rude to chew gum quietly in some professional settings.

Unfortunately, while it is not always polite to chew gum, bad breath is important to take care of. Mints are a more discrete and subtle way of freshening breath without being distracting. Mints are small enough to enjoy without being noticed, even while talking.

3. Convenience

Sticking a piece of chewed gum behind the back of your ear was an old-fashioned way to hide gum for later. Of course, people very rarely do this today, but the question of how to get rid of gum remains. If there is a place for garbage around, the choice is easy, but what happens if there isn’t?

Sidewalks and the bottoms of desks are littered with discarded gum. Gum can stick around for years, and no one enjoys cleaning it off dirty surfaces.

Mints are perfectly dissolved in the mouth without any cleanup, garbage, or mess necessary. Since mints are in a tin, there aren’t even any wrappers that need to be tossed. Simply pop in a mint and enjoy the taste.

4. Value

One tin of WinterMynt Blast! contains 71 mints, while a pack of gum may only hold 15 sticks. While a person can chew gum for longer, it doesn’t freshen breath any better and loses its taste only after a few minutes.

For a better value to freshen breath more effectively with more peppermint flavor, mints are the best way to go.

5. Fresher Breath

Myntz! Breathmints makes each of its mints with oral hygiene in mind. These mints are made sugar free with a special odor-fighting ingredient to neutralize any mouth bacteria. These are what make Myntz! so fast-acting and powerful.

Gum, even sugar-free gum won’t be able to freshen breath as effectively as Myntz! can. To experience the perfect bad breath solution, we encourage you to try our VanillaMynt and WinterMynt flavors and begin experiencing fresh breath like never before.

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