Impress Someone This Valentine's Day With Myntz!

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The Perfect Time to Begin Enjoying Myntz!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and that means now is more important than ever to have fresh breath. Minty breath is so appealing because it shows people your character. You're the kind of person who doesn't skip out on the little things and care about your dental hygiene enough to stand up to bad breath.

We know people enjoy other people who have great breath, but that isn't the only reason why so many people love mints. Natural peppermint also works as a muscle relaxant to help feel calm in stressful situations. Someone worried sick about making a good first impression will feel more relaxed after enjoying a mint.

During February, there are going to be times you wish you had a mint on hand. Whether you crave delicious flavor, just finished eating a meal, or simply freshen up a little, a tin of mints can go a long way.

Not every tin of mints is the same, however. While other mints may take two or three mints to get your breath feeling as fresh as it possibly can, Myntz! is made differently.

These mints are fast-acting with a sugar-free formula and a special ingredient to neutralize bacteria in the mouth. For many years, Myntz! has been recommended by dentists for good reason. They are made to be orally hygienic and give clean breath for longer.

This Valentine's Day, consider treating yourself or your loved ones with a fresh and delicious mint flavor from Myntz! For those who enjoy brisk peppermint flavor, WinterMyntz are the classic Myntz flavor and are sold in a pack of six tins. Alternatively, VanillaMyntz take a sweeter twist on the traditional Myntz flavor, perfect for those looking to satisfy a sweet tooth.

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