The Satisfaction of Fresh Breath

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Revive and Refresh with Breath Mints

Everyone loves having fresh breath because other people notice. The truth is, practicing good oral hygiene isn't as common as you might think, and the people who do truly stand out.

Often, brushing your teeth isn’t enough to get fresh smelling breath throughout the entire day. Most of what we eat makes our breath smell worse, with a few exceptions like apples and water. Almost everyone needs to freshen their breath more than just twice a day.

Thankfully, there is a delicious and fast-acting way to get rid of mouth odors, and you probably already know what it is. Our mints are powerful, sugar-free, and cure even the worse kinds of breath.

More than just masking foul odors, our mints neutralize bad breath at the source: the bacteria in your mouth. Myntz! uses a unique odor-fighting ingredient to reduce the acids formed by bacteria and maintain fresh smelling breath.

Keeping your mouth smelling nice will give you more than compliments. The peppermint used in mints are natural muscle relaxants and can help upset stomachs, clear sinuses, and help your body feel more at ease.

Having fresh breath also makes you feel more confident. Instead of hiding away your breath, knowing that your breath is fresh will let you speak loud and clear. The relaxing qualities of mints mean they are the perfect thing to take before a big speech, presentation, or first date.

These are the most likely reasons why enjoying a mint feels so good. More than freshening breath, mints help the mind and body feel more relaxed and refreshed. Keeping a tin of mints on-hand is the best way to fresh-up breath after every meal.

There may be many breath mints out there, but none can compare to Myntz! Both VanillaMyntz and WinterMyntz are made to promote good oral hygiene while also offering a delicious minty taste. To start receiving all the benefits of fresh breath, you are already in the right place. Shop Myntz! and start feeling the difference.

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