5 Things to Look Forward to in 2021

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The Start of a Wonderful New Year

The beginning of a new year is truly an exciting time. After the holiday season, we all step into a brand new year together, looking forward to what might come in 2021.

To help you get excited for a new 2021 year, we have made a list of five things to look forward to in the upcoming months. It is still early days for 2021, but hopefully, this year will be one to remember!

1. Warm weather

Between a brisk Fall season and an even colder winter, sunny days seem few and far between. Thankfully, the new year means the start of several new seasons.

In a couple of months, on March 20th, the Spring solstice will begin. The sun will shine again, leaves will return to trees, and more people will be outside to enjoy the warmer atmosphere.

2. New Places & People

While 2020 has been difficult, 2021 gives us a better chance to enjoy the places and people we care for. Going to an old movie theater or sitting down for dinner will feel like a special occasion. Visiting friends and family in-person will be a welcome occurrence and make 2021 may feel more social than before.

3. Upcoming Holidays

While we may be coming off the heels of the December holidays, there are plenty of holidays and events coming soon. In a little over a month, February 14th marks Valentine's Day, Easter in April, and Mother's Day in May.

Holidays can make for fun highlights to a year. In 2021, we hope you enjoy the upcoming festivities with loved ones to make meaningful memories this year.

4. 2021 Opportunities

At the start of each year, we all have the opportunity to reflect and plan for the next year. Whether you have set some New Year's Resolutions or not, 2021 will host many experiences and opportunities for all of us. Consider learning a new skill, picking up a new hobby, or taking a risk in 2021.

5. Fresh breath

With a name like Myntz! You really should have seen this one coming. In the year 2021, feel refreshed while keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. Our breath mints are made sugar-free with a special odor-fighting ingredient to remove bad breath at the source: the bacteria in your mouth!

Our breath mints come in two flavors: VanillaMynt and WinterMynt and are guaranteed to make your 2021 even better. If you have never tried these fast-acting mints before, this is the perfect year to start!

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