Am I Supposed to Chew Breath Mints?

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Mints are a unique kind of food item. Breath mints have almost no calories and are often enjoyed one tablet at a time. Most people will enjoy mints by letting them dissolve in their mouth, but some may wonder if the experience would be better if they chewed the mints like hard candy.

While WinterMyntz and VanillaMyntz taste like candy, they shouldn't be enjoyed the same way. The short answer is, chewing breath mints is harmful to teeth. It is better to let the mints slowly dissolve to maintain a healthy mouth.

Similar to chewing on ice, mints are dense, resilient, and can do a number on teeth. When someone chews on mints, they need a lot of pressure to break apart the tablets. Not only will their jaw become sore after several minutes of chewing, but this pressure also leads to cracking and chipping of teeth.

Not only is chewing on mints damaging to teeth, but it also won’t effectively freshen breath either. Myntz uses an ingredient called magnesium stearate to slow down how fast our mints can dissolve. This ingredient is important since the odor-fighting components of mints need time to spread to work.

Ingredients like potassium bicarbonate absorb and eliminate bacteria, while natural peppermint offers a fresh taste and smell. If a mint is chewed these vital ingredients won’t be able to freshen breath.

Instead of chewing, the orally hygienic way to enjoy mints is to allow them to sit inside your mouth for 6-7 minutes. By allowing the mint to dissolve, the magnesium stearate has the opportunity to break apart for the sugar-free Myntz formula to work its magic.

For delicious flavors of breath mints, you're already in the right place. Myntz offers a sweet VanillaMynt and brisk WinterMynt to appeal to everyone. Try one and experience our powerful formula. Just remember to try not to chew them.

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