Welcome to the New Myntz Website

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What to Expect From

Myntz! Breathmints is happy to announce the redesign of its website. This new site may look different, but the reasons our mints are loved are still here. Hopefully, this redesign makes shopping for mints easier and better than before.

The first thing to notice is how different the website looks. Despite the different look and feel, our home, shop, about, contact, and blog pages are identical to the ones before. Those who have shopped with us before won’t have any problems with our new site.

In the past, we noticed the website used to load slowly, especially on mobile devices. When creating our new site, we spent time and care to make our site faster and smoother than before. Moving between pages is now quick and easy.

After someone is ready to buy a favorite flavor of mint, the website has a new checkout page, making the process easy. Special instructions and notes can now be added to an order. After placing the order, customers can also choose to receive shipping updates via email or text to keep track of packages. For those with Google Pay, PayPal, or a Myntz! customer account, checking out will be faster than before.

To protect the privacy of anyone with a previous Myntz! account, all passwords have been reset. Those who would like to continue using their account should check their email to reset their password.

As we transition to our newly redesigned site, we are motivated to continue improving our website to give the best experience possible. To submit any questions or comments, visit the contact page to send us an email. With the help and support of the community, we hope to continue providing you with our breath mints.

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