How Do Breath Mints Work Exactly?

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The Science Behind Breath Mints

Mints are often taken for granted. Since we can keep a tin of mints with us, we don’t need to brush our teeth in the middle of the day to get fresh breath when we need it. Breath mints can make a significant impact on the freshness of our breath in minutes. Some may wonder how mints work as well as they do.

There is a science behind mints, and for a mint to work effectively, time and attention are required. There are a few essential components to mints, magnesium stearate, peppermint, and odor-fighting ingredients.

Breath mints are able to dissolve easily due to an ingredient called magnesium stearate. This ingredient holds the rest of the ingredients together and allows them to separate over time slowly.

Simply by putting a mint in your mouth, your body begins to produce more saliva, which can start to clean your team on its own. Since a mint dissolves slowly, the fresh-smelling ingredients inside can travel throughout your entire mouth.

Effective mints usually use peppermint or peppermint oil as their primary ingredient. Not only do mint leaves smell great, but they are also a natural muscle relaxant, leaving you with a refreshed feeling. These muscle-relaxing qualities are why mints clear up sinuses and help fight seasonal allergies.

Cleaning teeth and giving your mouth a fresh smell are both important, but they are also short-term solutions to a bigger problem. To stop bad breath hours after enjoying a mint, Myntz makes each of its mints with a special odor-fighting ingredient called potassium bicarbonate. This ingredient neutralizes the cavity-causing acids left behind by bacteria to stop bad breath at its source.

Mints work by using various ingredients and methods to deliver fresh breath while promoting good oral hygiene. Mints work by slowly breaking apart, using saliva to spread throughout, and finally, removing harmful acids to keep your mouth healthy.

Those curious to see how it all works can enjoy our iconic mint flavor, WinterMynt Blast. These peppermint-infused mints are made to remove bad breath quickly and effectively.

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