Are Mints Healthy For You?

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What Makes for a Healthy Breath Mint?

When we think of healthy things, mints probably aren’t on the top of your list. Vegetables, exercise, and medicine may all be great ways to improve health, but breath mints may be more beneficial than you may realize.

The healthiness of mints can vary a lot depending on which ingredients are used. A breath mint using artificial peppermint flavoring and sweetened by sugar may end up causing more harm than good. Not only to your overall health but your breath as well.

Sugary mints are harmful not only because of the adverse effects of sugar but also the particles they leave behind. When you have a sugary mint, traces of sugar remain in your teeth, which can attract bacteria. These bacteria create acids, which is the primary cause of bad breath. The mints may help cover up bad breath, but in the long-term, they cause more problems.

Thankfully, Myntz! is made sugar free to escape these drawbacks. Our mints are made with a special odor-fighting ingredient to neutralize bacteria in the mouth. This ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, stops bacteria and the acids they form.

Since the beginning, Myntz was made with good health in mind. Using natural peppermint, these mints also work as a muscle relaxant. That is the reason why it is easier to breathe after enjoying a mint. The muscles in the sinuses relax, perfect for overcoming seasonal allergies.

Dentists recommend mints because of their powerful odor-fighting ingredients and their focus on oral hygiene. Other mints may try to cut corners to mask a bad taste by adding other ingredients that may be detrimental to your overall health. Instead of taking a shortcut to great taste, the Myntz! formula uses a creative combination of flavors to maintain its fantastic taste.

For those interested in a brisk and minty breath mint flavor, WinterMynt is a longstanding favorite. Packaged in an iconic blue tin, this healthy mint utilizes menthol and natural peppermint to cure bad breath effectively.

VanillaMynt Blast is very different from its minter counterpart. As the name suggests, this mint is made sweeter to treat any sweet tooth while still providing all the benefits of natural peppermint and a sugar-free formula.

For a healthy breath mint solution in time for Valentine’s Day, choose either flavor to treat yourself and your health.

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