Happy Valentine's Day from Myntz!

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Wishing You a Happy Valentine's Day

From everyone at Myntz! Breathmints, we would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. February is the time of year to celebrate the friends, family, and loved ones around us and give back. February 14th is a wonderful time to show appreciation to the people we care for the most.

Valentine’s Day may feel centered around celebrating significant others. Even if the holiday is associated with hearts, love, and the color red, there are many ways to celebrate.

Love is a colloquial term to describe a wide range of things. A love for the outdoors may be very different from a love for another person, but during Valentine’s Day, we hope you find the time to enjoy both.

For us, nothing is better than to enjoy fresh breath during Valentine’s Day. More than just great taste, Myntz! offers many things to make this Valentine’s day better. The natural peppermint in Myntz! opens up sinuses and helps let us breathe easier. Potassium bicarbonate reduces the levels of cavity-causing acids and neutralizes mouth odors. The fresh minty feeling afterward is also sure to make you feel revived and refreshed.

Mints are not just for us to enjoy though. We often freshen our breath for other people as well. Before any presentation, date night, or interview, it’s never a bad idea to have a breath mint. Not only will the people you are speaking to appreciate your fresh breath, but it will also tell them you’re the kind of person who takes care of themselves and their oral hygiene.

Valentine’s is the perfect time to start enjoying breath mints. With fresh breath, it is even easier to enjoy the company of the people around us. This year, no matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, we hope you consider picking up a tin or pouch to make this February a little fresher.

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