The Benefits of Real Peppermint

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Delicious Mints Made With Real Peppermint

Mints are a unique kind of after-meal refreshment. They are small, last a long time, but deliver a satisfying taste like a dessert. Mints are cheap as well. Each mint in a tin of WinterMynt Blast! costs three cents each after the price is divided by the number of mints in each package.

Despite varying sizes, flavors, shapes, and after-taste, some kind of peppermint is found in almost every mint. As the name suggests, peppermint is the main ingredient in a mint. It comes in many forms, tea leaves are often used in culinary dishes in the middle east while peppermint oil can be found in candies, food, toothpaste, and medicine.

As you can imagine, if peppermint is used as a medicine, it certainly has some important health benefits. Peppermint is a natural muscle relaxant that can clear sinuses and help people through seasonal allergies. This is the reason why the smell and taste of peppermint may be relaxing and refreshing.

Scrolling through the many reviews for Myntz! will reveal that many people use our mints to help with various health problems. Upset stomachs, chronic dry mouth, and bad breath are all alleviated by sugar-free mints powered by natural peppermint flavor.

These are all great reasons to enjoy breath mints, especially because they are an easy way to add peppermint into any diet. While some mints can be sugary and have negative effects on health, Myntz! uses a special odor-killing formula that removes the compounding effects of sugar and promotes good oral health.

Each flavor of Myntz! gives a delicious minty taste, offers all the health benefits from peppermint, and also fights bad breath better than any other mint available. Both WinterMynt and VanillaMynt flavors are made with real peppermint to deliver a wonderfully fresh flavor and a relaxing experience. For those who have never tried Myntz! before, we encourage you to begin tasting the difference today.

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