Why We Love Mints

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But Aren't They Just Breath Mints?

Why does Myntz! Go to such lengths to freshen up bad breath? Think about it. It would be enough to make a great-tasting mint that only freshens your breath a little bit. Why is it important for Myntz! to do all the extra things? Things like: absorbing foul orders, preventing tooth decay, and made sugar-free to help promote good oral hygiene.

People who enjoy mints care about them in a way other people may not understand. Mint people know what a bad mint is: it’s the harsh flavor that makes you want to squeeze your eyes shut. The kind of taste that hangs around and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. When a mint feels like it’s trying to eat you and not the other way around, you feel discouraged from trying to freshen your breath again.

The Best Kind of Mint

On the flip side, mint people also know what a good mint feels like. The taste is deliciously minty. It’s so good, you start to reach for a second mint, but suddenly stop yourself because you realize you’re already satisfied. The peppermint opens up your sinuses. You can breathe easier. You end up standing straighter. Your breath smells great. The people around you notice. And you notice that they notice. You feel more confident, more refreshed, and revived.

When you find the mints you like, the ones you really enjoy and love, it makes up for all the bad mints. The feelings associated with those mints are so strong, your lifestyle begins to change. You carry around tins of mints now and spend your day coming up with reasons to enjoy them.

Going to see an old friend? Maybe you indulge in some WinterMynt Blast before you head out. Buying groceries? Well, you should say hello to the cashier. Maybe you should have a VanillaMynt before you do that. Laying around at home not doing a thing? Well, Myntz! taste amazing, and they are a lot better for you than eating an unhealthy snack.

Why Myntz! Goes the Extra Mile

Myntz! is made by people who understand breath mints and know what is important. We don’t cut corners because we’re after the same thing you are. The great taste and feel after having a really good breath mint.

Our breath mints are powerful enough to cure even the worst breath, are made sugar-free to prevent bacteria, and have a terrific taste. If you’re into breath mints, you probably already love Myntz! If you haven’t tried them yet, then you may find a new favorite.

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