Does a Mint Have An Expiration Date?

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Do Mints Eventually Go Bad?

Mints are unique. Some people call mints candy, others refer to it as food, and some don’t know what to call mints other than mints. The lines between food and mint are blurred. Mints have a specific taste and feel and are enjoyed by dissolving in your mouth, unlike any other food.

Like food, mints also have an expiration date. If mints are not stored properly, they will eventually go bad. Mints past their expiration date show signs of discoloration and stop giving off their fresh peppermint aroma. If there are changes to the way mints look and smell, they may be unsafe (and unpleasant) to eat.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen an expired mint, there is a good reason. Mints have exceptionally long shelf-lives. Myntz! recommends eating mints within one year, but if mints are stored in dry and safe conditions, they could last even longer.

Due to this long shelf life, buying mints in bulk is a popular choice. For someone who enjoys having one mint a day, picking up a pack of six WinterMynt tins may be a good solution. With 71 mints in every tin, there is enough brisk flavor for the entire year and even have enough left over to share with friends.

Myntz! also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more. For the person who may enjoy a mint after every meal, or giving mints out as gifts, buying mints in bulk may be the best choice.

Breath mints may expire, but when they do you’ll be able to notice easily. Apart from keeping an eye on their color and smell, trying to use up a tin of mints within twelve months is a good rule of thumb to avoid mints expiring. For delicious WinterMynt and VanillaMynt flavors to last long in your pantry and mouth, you are already in the right place. Shop Myntz! and discover a favorite mint flavor.

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