What is Inside a Mint?

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So, What is Inside a Mint Exactly?

Almost everyone loves how convenient mints are. The little white tablets can make our breath smell great while also delivering a fresh and delicious mint flavor. Despite enjoying them for years, many still don’t know what goes into the mints they eat.

The ingredients of mints are important. While taste is something we all enjoy, mints should never compromise on oral hygiene. Take a favorite tin of mints and look at the nutrition label for syrups, starches, and most of all, sugar. Each of these ingredients may harm your teeth and mouth and may cause your breath to get worse in the long-term.

Myntz! Breathmints are made with hygiene in mind. Since the beginning, we have made our mints with ingredients to stop bad breath at the source. With our sugar-free formula, you can enjoy Myntz! daily and never see a decline in your oral health.

For those who are wondering what is in Myntz! here are the ingredients included in our longstanding favorite, WinterMynt Blast!


At the center of each WinterMynt is natural peppermint. This ingredient is a natural muscle relaxant, able to clear sinuses and help you feel more relaxed. The peppermint each mint also lends its fresh smell to give great taste while simultaneously freshening breath. This peppermint flavor is supplemented by menthol, an ingredient made from peppermint oil to make each mint more relaxing and soothing for your mouth.

Magnesium Stearate

The ingredient that gives mints their unique dissolving qualities is magnesium stearate. This ingredient is used in many medicines and tablets to slow down how fast a mint can dissolve in your mouth. By enjoying a mint for six to seven minutes, you can enjoy fresh breath for longer than you can without it.

Sugar Substitutes and Flavoring

Sugar substitutes such as sorbitol and acesulfame potassium, pair with natural and artificial flavors to give mints their great taste. The mints are decorated with edible glitter to finish their look.

Often, the easiest way for mints to get their flavor is through ingredients like table sugar, which is detrimental to oral health. Some mints can leave behind sugary particles, attracting cavity-causing bacteria, which also make your breath smell worse.

By using these substitutes and flavors, Myntz! achieves a delicious taste without attracting bacteria. Myntz! is made with a special odor-fighting ingredient to remove the same bacteria attracted by sugar.

Potassium Bicarbonate

Potassium bicarbonate is the special odor-fighting ingredient found in Myntz! This compound absorbs and eliminates bacteria and the acids they form. The ingredient removes bad breath quickly and effectively and gives Myntz! their fresh aftertaste.

These are all of the ingredients in our mints. Of course, the list of ingredients between mints can vary drastically, but hopefully we have been able to give you a better idea what mints are made of.

Myntz! Breathmints are made with quality and health in mind. Try out WinterMyntz or VanillaMyntz and start to taste and feel the difference.

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