How Long Do Mints Last?

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What Are Myntz?

Myntz! are a very special sort of mint. Powered by a formula containing a special odor-fighting ingredient, Myntz! are fast-acting to blast bad breath away. The sugar-free recipe also allows you to have as many mints as you want without causing any damage to your teeth.

What is even more incredible is how much you can get out of a single tin of mints. Every mint gives eye-opening flavor to help relax almost anyone. One Myntz! tin contains approximately 71 mints, which means you’re going to fall in love with these things 71 times, but how long will it all last?

Hours of Great Flavor

After some testing, the average WinterMynt Blast lasted around six minutes before completely dissolving. This means you can have a mint while driving to your date’s house and when you arrive, the mint will already be gone and your mouth will be feeling wonderfully fresh. It might be the best six-minute drive of your life.

Six minutes multiplied by the amount of mints in a single tin of Myntz! Equals seven hours and six minutes of brisk WinterMynt flavor before you go get more. But wait. Do you even need to get any more? If you order WinterMynt online, you get six reusable tins per package. So, if you want to go through all six tins, it will take 42 hours and 36 minutes of peppermint bliss.

‘But what about VanillaMynt?’ I hear you asking. Don’t worry. You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Since the VanillaMynt Blast comes in a pouch, you receive approximately 202 mints per pouch. That’s right. Almost three times the amount of a single tin of WinterMynt! Using the same six-minute timeframe, one pouch of VanillaMynt Blast gives 20 hours and 12 minutes of sweet vanilla flavor.

How Long Will My Breath Stay Fresh?

These numbers are only for the amount of time for the mints to completely dissolve, and not the time your breath stays fresh. The awesome aftertaste and fresh breath lasts much longer than the time it takes to finish the mints. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get good numbers on how long exactly your breath stays fresh because it varies a lot depending on your mileage.

Eating, sweets, fish, garlic, and onions will cause your breath to get worse. Alternatively, drinking water or eating apples causes your fresh breath to stick around for longer. The best way to determine whether to pop in another mint is to go off of how your mouth feels. Need a blast of minty flavor? Just pop a mint in, enjoy six minutes of flavor, and you are all set with fresh breath.

For delicious sugar-free mints recommended by dentists, you’re already in the right place. Try out WinterMynt Blast and VanillaMynt Blast and start enjoying your new favorite fast-acting bad breath solution.

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