Why Dental Hygiene Is Important

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Treat Your Teeth This Season

December is known as a time for large meals with family, hot cocoa drinks, and sugary sweet cookies as well. This Friday marks the final day of Hanukkah, Christmas is a week after, and then Kwanzaa begins the following day. If you haven’t been enjoying delicious holiday treats then you will very soon.

Everyone appreciates the December festivities, but sometimes, we can let our oral hygiene fall by the wayside. Long periods in-between cleaning teeth can allow bacteria and plaque to build up in the teeth. By the time January rolls around, you might end up starting 2021 with a few cavities.

Keeping your mouth healthy will do more than save you trips to the dentist. Having a clean mouth means avoiding infections, preventing tooth decay, and looking great when you smile in pictures. Only a few good choices are all it takes to enjoy the many benefits of healthy teeth and gums.

Since the beginning, Myntz! has been deeply intertwined with promoting good health. Our mints are made sugar-free and with potassium bicarbonate to remove bacteria from the mouth. Our mints won’t just cover up a bad smell. They stop bad breath at the source and keep your mouth healthy.

Myntz! strives to keep you healthy and your breath smelling great. We make our WinterMynt and VanillaMynt flavors with fantastic taste from real peppermint, so having good oral hygiene is something you enjoy doing.

During the holiday season, enjoy what you have been looking forward to for months. Spend time with loved ones, eat your favorite holiday meals, and enjoy the festivities. Just remember to take care of your teeth every day and always have a tin of Myntz! close by to keep your mouth feeling as great as it smells.

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