Sugar-Free Mints Are Better, Here is Why

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Why Sugar-Free Makes the Difference

If you’ve spent any amount of time with Myntz! you know how proud we are of our sugar-free formula. Since our humble beginnings in Kent, Washington, Myntz values dental hygiene. When someone pops in a mint, the last thing they should think about is the damage to their mouth and teeth.

Those who enjoy sugary mints likely don’t know they are making their breath worse in the long-term. Sucrose, also known as table sugar, is infamous for its health impacts. Too much sucrose can lead to a risk of developing chronic diseases. Avoiding sucrose where you can is always a good idea.

Even if a mint only has small traces of sugar, the sugar in the mints will leave behind a residue in your teeth. This residue is eaten by bacteria, meaning the more mints a person eats, the more bacteria are attracted to their mouth. The odor the bacteria causes is the reason why our breath begins to smell. Only after a few hours of enjoying a sugary mint, smelly breath returns.

The Myntz Formula

The Myntz! formula lasts so long due in part to its sugar-free formula. Odor-fighting ingredients in Myntz deter and eliminate cavity-causing bacteria. These mints are made with natural peppermint for a strong kick to freshen breath quickly instantly.

Sugar-free mints are better for you, but there is still the issue of taste. Some people may think a sugar-free mint couldn't offer a comparable taste to a mint with sugar. These people also have never tried Myntz! Breathmints.

Myntz are made with sorbitol, a sugar sweetener found in fruit. This sweetener escapes the bitter taste that other sweeteners like aspartame have and is the best choice for fighting bad breath. This ingredient pairs well with natural peppermint and is the reason VanillaMyntz and WinterMyntz taste as good as they do.

Sugary mints are appealing, but Myntz! found impactful, creative, and healthy solutions to make its superior sugar-free formulas. After trying Myntz! Breathmints there is no going back to sugar. Our breath mints give fresh breath for longer, taste even better, and are made healthier than any sugary mint.

To start tasting the difference, shop Myntz! and find a delicious peppermint flavor. WinterMynt gives a brisk and clean taste, and VanillaMynt has a contrasting sweet flavor. No matter which you choose, enjoy all the benefits that come with these sugar-free mints.

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